Spring cleaning

It's more of a spring purge than a cleaning. But my office is coming together and with a little re-arranging I found some space to set up a little ihomebrew studio. Couldn't really do much more than portrait work, but I have been wanting to get into product photography more seriously than playing around with light tables at work. Since Calvin is getting bigger every day, there are a lot of things that he has already grown out of and my wife was looking to sell some of them. She was mostly just using her phone, but I am not one to keep things simple. So, a found backdrop, couch, and rummaging through all of my equipment later, I got a little set up that I can go through everything that she wants to sell pretty quickly...

Granted now I have to email her the photos instead of her just uploading them from her phone. But hey, if it was easy, it wouldn't be fun. 

Going to post some of the photos here, so check them out.