If it isn't broken, break it. If it's broken, break it more.


I have a hard time blogging, because I find myself boring. But this is a space to give you a look behind the scenes.

The tl:dr is: I broke some things, fixed some things and still trying to fix some things that will require breaking them more.

Honestly I thought that employing a Senior ambassador program was going to be fairly straightforward. I took photography in high school and we used black and white film, so I am fairly used to gray. This is not gray. This is one of those fancy words that companies use for their particular shade of gray. I read blogs. Went to websites that wanted me to buy their kits for their program that will definitely work.

So I’m not dealing with people who wrote a doctoral thesis on this and I should figure out something that works for me.

I was told about companies that will create galleries and make an “app” for customers to go, view their photos and share them. The real benefit on my end is the analytics about the people who see it. This is valuable information for a company to extend their reach to new potential customers.


All the ones that I found don’t have a link to share to Instagram.

If they’re going to leave out an entire market share, I might as well see what I can do with what I am already paying for (that also doesn’t have a link to post on Instagram, but I am already paying for it).

To make galleries shareable, the entire website had to be redesigned… luckily I was able to recover some of the pages lost to the template update, but still had (have?) broken links to resolve.

Then there are the secret galleries, stuff for the seniors eyes only. Well more of galleries for them to share with special offers for the people who see what they share. After all that, all that was left was to give access to the senior so they have access to the galleries. I know that no one looks at URL’s… but still wanted it to look professional.

Not a permanent fix. But will should work until I find something that expands my reach beyond Facebook and LinkedIn.

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